Development is dependably a significant factor for any nation and expedite its effect the earth straightforwardly. Yet, when we talk about development then pre designed structure fragment additionally examine without a doubt. All sort of development expedites sway condition yet the effect of pre-assembled development is extremely less when contrasted with the other development. This is one reason why generally individuals have confidence in this sort of development either the undertaking is Government or any private venture. Sandwich panel is a pre-assembled item which is utilized generally in pretty much every sort of development in light of different favorable circumstances. Sandwich boards are financially savvy, profoundly strong, vitality effective and in particular green structure material.


Supersun Prefab Polymers Private limited is one of the leading sandwich panel manufacturer in India and offers wide range of insulated panels. Supersun Prefab sandwich PUF panels are manufactured in a controlled environment in the presence of experienced technical team of qualified professionals. Insulated panels are cost effective choice as compared to the traditional construction but PUF panel price varies according to the customer’s requirements. Supersun Prefab always focus on the quality of the products and manufactured sandwich panel using high grade raw material with the help of latest machinery and provide top quality PUF Panels.

Importance of sandwich panels in building : Sandwich insulated panel is an important factor in prefabricated construction because it is a energy saving product and save up to 60% on energy cost and provide better control over internal comfort. These panels are well insulated and any outside temperature does not affect on the building. PUF panel and EPS panel both are light weight products, can be easily transfer from one place to another without any problem. Maintenance cost of these sandwich panels are very low, can be clean with cleaning liquid. If we talk about traditional construction the maintenance cost is very high and not an easy task that can be done quickly. If need to dismantle the prefabricated structure then all panels can be uninstall with zero wastage and these panels can be used somewhere else in new structure.

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