Acoustic enclosures are the most important structures used to prevent the radiation of noise from source to an outside area. These amazing structures are also helpful in preventing exterior sounds from penetrating interior spaces.Enveloped in high grade acoustic panels, these complete or partial enclosures for noise equipment endow with a quiet manufacturing area.
Minimizing the noise created by machines or other industrial processes, the sound proof cabin effectively blocks a major percentage of unwanted noise and serves a calm environment even in the most demanding locations.

Best-in-class acoustic enclosure features

  • The sound proof rooms offer the following features:
  • High efficiency
  • Restrict sounds from entering or exiting
  • Long functional life
  • The innovative design of the acoustic enclosure ensure their optimal effectiveness
  • These are ideal for use in industries operating air compressors, diesel and gas generators, metal cutting machines etc.
  • These have a long functional life and require minimal maintenance

Manufacturing technology for acoustic enclosures
As the prime focus of these enclosures is to offer resistance from noises and create a calm interior environment, they employ acoustic panels with sound reflecting properties that significantly cut-off a major portion of sound intensity and make desired space comfortable for workers and employees.
We follow all the quality and safety guidelines for the duration of manufacturing a variety of sound proof enclosures and related products.

Industrial and commercial applications
Manufactured from superior grade raw materials, the sound proof enclosures ensure optimum noise deadening for the following applications:

  • Indoor installation of portable sound proof room for industrial and workshop application
  • Workshop installation to shield from machining noises
  • Can be used in recording studios
  • Application for radiator and heat exchanger engines
  • Sound proof rooms for manufacturing and production facilities
  • Portable sound proof cabins are optimum for metal working and automobile workshops

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