Railway Shelters

Our technical and engineering proficiency has granted us expertise in fabricating light weight and durable prefabricated railway shelters for varied requirements of the industry. These shelters are appropriate to withstand harsh climatic conditions and protect sophisticated telecom equipment from moisture, air and dust. The prefab shelters are portable and light weight to ensure easy on-site installation. These shelters prove to be a cost effective solution and can also be customized as per client requirements of.

Best-in-class prefab railway shelter features
Designed with supreme quality materials for structural elements and insulated panels, every prefabricated railway shelter manufactured can be modified to comply with any specifications by the customer. The main features of the prefab shelters are as follows:

  • High thermal resistance
  • Reinforced ceiling panels / floor panels
  • Additional roof to provide slope
  • Complete security
  • Air and water tight to achieve IP54 level protection
  • Long life with zero maintenance
  • 3 Way lock and stainless steel hinges
  • Torque groove configuration with in-built cam locks for more strength


Utilization and application of prefab shelters
The sturdy construction and ergonomic design makes prefabricated shelters a favorite choice for temporary or permanent shed construction and with multiple benefits, are a requisite for the following applications:

  • Railway Shelter
  • BTS Shelter
  • Telecom Shelter
  • Signaling Huts
  • Temporary shelters


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