Ripening chambers

Ripening chambers are required largely at different food processing and preservation units. Depending on the specific requirement, we offer fruit ripening chambers that are suitable for various types of fruits and precisely engineered to meet their requirements. We offer a high quality and innovative solution that meets the industrial safety and performance standards.
Your search for the perfect mango ripening chamber, banana ripening chamber and all other fruit growing units ends at Supersun Prefab as the offered range is designed to overcome the growing needs of commercial fruit industry.

Best-in-class ripening chamber features
With unmatched quality and elements, the natural food product growing chambers offer customer satisfaction with the following features:

  • Construction as per specific client demands and various options for design layouts available
  • Optimal heat efficiency with the use of top quality insulating panels
  • Smooth operation and low maintenance costs
  • Computer control units to monitor and regulate internal environment
  • Various finishing options available like PPGS / PPGS, PPGS / Al Foil, PPGS / SS, SS / SS
  • Based on the ripening requirements walls of various thicknesses and insulating abilities available
  • Due to water contact during cultivation, the fruit ripening chambers are made of corrosion resistant materials
  • Lightweight construction and clever design makes them easily portable and liftable


The perfect envelop for multiple applications
The commercial fruit industry has a timeless demand for ripening chambers and growing rooms. Higher efficiency and unmatched performance is the prime requisite of these industries and is necessary to prevent the fruits from rotting. Different fruits require different growing and ripening environments and to suffice the needs of each, cold storage banana ripening and fruit growing chambers serve the following applications:

  • Are used to maintain a suitable temperature and ventilation for mango ripening
  • Prefabricated ripening chambers are utilized to effectively store banana and prevent them from rotting
  • The top banana ripening chambers suppliers offer prefab growing rooms that are utilized as storage units and offer the optimal conditions for safe fruit storage
  • The fruit ripening chambers are used for effective storage during transit stays and help prevent rotting
  • The prefab growing rooms have a vast application in nourishment preparing commercial enterprises
  • They are utilized by agricultural organizations to keep their stock safe in the best environment

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