Rockwool panel

Rockwool insulation panels offer protection from cold, heat, risk of fire and ambient noise. Supersun Prefab Rockwoodlpanels comprise of pre-fabricated composite sandwich panels with high density Rockwool insulation as core and profiled or plain color coated galvanized steel or galvalume steel sheet on either side.
These Rockwool acoustic wall panels provide a pleasant indoor experience while reducing energy costs.

Best-in-class rockwool panel features

  • Rockwool cores provide non-combustibility and outstanding acoustic performance.
  • Rock wool sandwich panels can be installed horizontally and vertically.
  • Easy to install and handle.
  • Easy assembly with simple lifting equipment without the need of scaffolding.
  • Free from thermal bridging as a benefit of high thermal insulation.
  • Wide range of surface design and color finishes for walls and roofs.


A unique solution for multiple applications
we offer a complete range of modern and reliable insulation materials for the following applications:

  • Control rooms
  • Turbine-Generator Buildings
  • Power project buildings
  • Drivers and ovens insulation
  • Compressor rooms
  • Acoustic rooms
  • HVAC ducting
  • Fire safety applications

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