Clean Room Doors

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Supersun Prefab is a Manufacturers and provider of different tye Doors and passage frameworks for cleanrooms, medical services, and careful conditions. Land’s BioSafe Clean Room Doors are clinical grade, USP-agreeable, and all-tempered steel to oblige entryway details for any cleanroom, clinic, working room, careful suite, or clean climate. Land fabricates a wide determination of entryways including manual and programmed cleanroom sliding entryways, single and twofold entryway plans, pre-hung cleanroom entryways in treated steel or aluminum, fire-evaluated entryways, and programmed sliding cleanroom Doors.

Door Features

  1. Clean Room PPIG Door
  2. Hospital Sliding Doors
  3. Hospital Fire Doors
  4. Healthcare Doors
  5. Swinging Medical Doors
  6. Procedure & Exam Room Doors
  7. Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Doors
  8. Door Swing Direction
  9. Door Handles for Every Application
  10. Cleanroom Pre-Hung Manual Doors

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Supersun Prefab is the main master in the plan and creation of basic climate applications. Land offers start to finish affirmation and testing administrations for cleanrooms, cleanroom entryways, pass-throughs, windows, and roll-up entryways.

Shop online to see a wide choice of cleanroom entryways in different styles, casings, designs, and different opening-shutting systems.

Contact a Supersun cleanroom expert for help with item design or application consistence through web talk, email, or telephone.