Clean Rooms

Get High-Quality Clean Rooms Direct From Manufacturers

Supersun Prefab, the best particular clean-room maker supplies clean room building and development with PUF/EPS protected Panels and furthermore obliges enormous area portions like medications, clinical contraptions, gadgets, vehicles, food, Nutraceutical, and furthermore food dynamic fixings, paint or completing corner, as well as Research and development.

We give the perfect room arrangements from creation for units and furthermore communicate with the air conditioning systems, electrical, as well as common providers at the style stage itself. Our spotless region units are completely viable for the endorsement from driving regulative bodies like USFDA, EUGMP and furthermore WHO.

The association has the immense examination, specialized expertise, gifts, and incredible skill important to raise and build deals and administrations, and with this comes an assurance of value, dependability, and a persevering through devotion to our valued customer base. We have fabricated clean spaces for the most esteemed clients across India.


  1. Hand crafted and made pre-designed development with PUF/EPS wall and roof Panel.
  2. Stroll on and non stroll on roof Panels
  3. Transparent Glasses – Completely fixed and flushed with the walls and twofold coated
  4. The fastidiously constructed pre-assembled clean room is totally safeguarded against heat
  5. It has great acoustic properties.
  6. Clean room viable entryways with kick plate and drop seal at base for insurance
  7. Its level and inside space can be adjusted whenever required
  8. PVC/Aluminum coving
  9. Simple to ship

Clean Room Industry

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  2. clean-room-for-industry
  3. clean-room-for-food-industry


  1. Unrivaled and predictable quality as the boards are processing plant made for precision
  2. Outline less development – yet solid, tough and strong
  3. Effectively cleanable and support free boards from the best spotless room wall board makers
  4. Non-shedding and non-chipping properties with predominant completion
  5. Higher energy investment funds because of protected developments
  6. Profoundly aggressive secluded clean room cost
  7. Less Timetables to raise the nooks
  8. Adaptability for extension is conceivable