EPS Panels

Get High-Quality Eps Panel Direct From Manufacturers

Broadly applied in building and development industry, Supersun Prefab offers an extensive scope of EPS Protected Panel. These Panel are best utilized for designs, for example, food handling focuses, modern material designs, wall cladding, parts, stroll on roofs, pre-assembled covers, convenience covers, data stands, wellbeing focuses, local area covers, correspondence sheds, high elevation get-away safe houses for freezing temperature areas and different spots.

Because of its ideal weight-to-strength proportion, EPS sandwich Panel is the material of decision for a few structural parts. EPS Panel is additionally used in the development of high-height setting up camp safe houses.

This item is additionally inspected by laid out standards, and we stick to industry principles. What’s more, every single Panel is tried for quality before conveyance.

These boards can fill various needs because of their great solidarity to-weight proportion and powerful protecting qualities. Our Panels are popular in view of their flexibility and the great many applications they have. This EPS Panel is light and sufficiently able to be utilized in various applications, including material, wall cladding, roofs, and the sky is the limit from there. Constructing high-elevation covers for those living in very cool climates is additionally utilized.

 Also, our experts assess the whole cluster of items against inflexible quality principles prior to sending them out the entryway. Clients can likewise be guaranteed realizing that we offer this item at an entirely sensible cost.

EPS Panel Features

  1. Measured in nature and pre-designed for accuracy and efficient development
  2. Different completing choices like PPGS and PPGL among others
  3. Accessible in different aspects
  4. Steady warm opposition
  5. Light weight EPS sandwich boards which are not difficult to lift and introduce at any elevation
  6. Frameless development involves adaptability of configuration, supply and establishment for all construction types
  7. Quantifiable energy reserve funds with insignificant misfortune and exceptionally effective execution
  8. Intense and dependable to suit any development
  9. Long life and low upkeep


  • Experience of more than 15 years and enjoy trust from a portion of the best business practice.
  • Complete turnkey arrangements from supply to installation in one house
  • Quality guaranteed at our autonomous manufacturing unit, state of an art manufacturing facility
  • 100% Assurance of quality product each time of delivery.
  • Opportune finishing and conveyance of each and every venture

  • Proficient and Qualified staff to handle any sitaution, any time

  • 24/7 Support Services Available