Porta Cabin

Get High-Quality Porta Cabin Direct From Manufacturers

Compact Lodges come worse than the ones from Supersun Prefab, the top portable cabin manufacturer in India. These versatile structures are the most helpful answer for a horde of on location necessity. Versatile Lodges are the ideal answer for continuous utilization of structures in various areas and with simple establishment and tough construction, offer unrivaled dependability.

Planned by a Panel of master draftsmen, primary specialists, inside fashioners with significant contributions from existing clients, these relocatable lodges are a one of a kind custom-made arrangement that fulfill differing client requests.

Porta Cabin have various applications across various enterprises. Likewise, they can be introduced on any level surface and don’t be guaranteed to require a surface to sit on.

They are lightweight, liftable designs which can undoubtedly be ported starting with one area then onto the next.

A portion of the outstanding purposes of porta lodges incorporate – site workplaces, monitor rooms, latrine blocks, versatile testing labs and substantially more.

Portable cabin features

Being lightweight and sturdy, the convenient site lodges offer simple movement and bother free help. Appropriate for huge application runs and presented in different sizes and plans, they are advancement arrangements that accompany the accompanying highlights:

  1. High resilience, erosion opposition and sturdiness are the applauded elements of our convenient holder lodges
  2. Stylish completion of the compact room structures requires no extra artistic creation
  3. Satisfactory protection of capacity building lodge keeps a 5-7 o C encompassing temperature distinction
  4. All electrical office – wiring, attachment, light installations are given.
  5. The convenient bungalows require no establishment
  6. Incredible protection from cataclysmic events and weatherproof

Affordable housing solution for following industry

Manufactured according to explicit client necessities, compact designs are a reasonable answer for the accompanying applications:

  1. Family accommodation
  2. Single executive accommodation
  3. Portable site office
  4. Recreation room
  5. Special purpose cabins
  6. Portable stores
  7. Fully equipped kitchen
  8. Mess [dining]
  9. Dormitory
  10. Laboratory
  11. Portable toilet cabins
  12. Site accommodation

Benefits from Supersun Prefab

Flawlessness is what the group at Supersun Prefab make progress toward and with a devoted methodology and creative assembling process, you are ensured of value lodging and stockpiling arrangements with the best Convenient Lodge cost. Having an aptitude in assembling class driving Convenient Lodges, versatile asylums, compact designs, compartment houses, holder workplaces, bunk houses, Liftable lodges, compact latrines and level pack lodges, there is quality confirmation and genuine serenity presented with each.