Mobile Toilet

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PORTABLE TOILETS are a huge interest for many applications as well as find momentary utilization for various capabilities. Portable raised cabinets are the essential necessity of distant regions and where chests are expected for transitory premise. Supersun Prefab, the main PORTABLE TOILETS Manufacturers in India supplies convenient latrine cures in a choice of aspects and furthermore included highlights.

Supersun Prefab takes mass purchaser arranges and gives custom-made pre-assembled latrine lodges to especially cater the client requires. We have really brought to you various safeguarded Liftable lodges that can be utilized as versatile chests as well.

Being the top versatile restroom providers, Supersun Prefab fabricates the absolute best convenient latrines that utilization the advantages of light-weight building and development and furthermore ace help. These mobile latrine lodges can be an ideal choice for an immense horde of purposes and give the best transitory choice in such applications.

Supersun Prefab has over 15 years of prefab assembling experience. We have produced and provided versatile latrines across numerous distant areas of India. In the event that you have a prerequisite, reach us for a free statement!


There are numerous reasons that portray the utilization of compact and pre-assembled latrines as must-havefor certain applications. A portion of the elements are expressed as underneath:

  1. No need of common establishment as they can be put on any plain surface
  2. No upkeep work required.
  3. The best versatile latrine doesn’t need painting work as a result of pre-painted electrifies iron sheet that we give
  4. Smoke alarms, firefighting hardware, AC’s and different security offices as required
  5. Climate, release and quake safe and solid
  6. Simple to re-collect and destroy
  7. Simple to ship and affordable


Taking care of wellbeing and wellbeing necessities consistently, Supersun Prefab-the main portable bathroom cabin providers as well as suppliers supplies prefab arrangements that satisfy the fluctuating needs for the following implementation:

  1. Convenient latrine lodges for building destinations
  2. Re-locatable washrooms for even purposes
  3. Pre-assembled latrine structures for provincial and distant regions
  4. Mobile latrines for public accommodation at places
  5. Liftable latrine answers for manufacturing plants, businesses and different regions
  6. Prefab brief latrines for setting up camp regions