EPS panel

Widely used in building and construction industry, Supersun Prefab offers a complete range of EPS Insulated Panels. These panels are suitable for applications such as food processing areas, industrial roofing, wall cladding, partitions, walk-on ceilings, prefabricated shelters, accommodation shelters, information kiosks, health centers, community shelters, communication shelters, high altitude accommodation shelters for sub zero temperature areas and many more.

Best-in-class EPS panel features

  • Modular in nature and pre-engineered for precision and simplified construction
  • Multiple finishing options like PPGS and PPGL
  • Available in a variety of dimensions
  • Constant thermal resistance
  • Light weight EPS sandwich panels which are easy to lift and erect at any height
  • Frameless construction offering ease of design, supply and installation for all structure types
  • Measurable energy savings with zero energy loss and highly efficient performance
  • Rigid and durable to suit any construction
  • Long life and low maintenance


Applications from innovative panel solutions
EPS panels have a wide scope of utilization and find applications in:

  • Roofing
  • Wall Cladding
  • Partitions
  • Walk-On Ceilings
  • Prefabricated Shelters
  • Accommodation Shelters
  • Information Kiosks
  • Health Centers
  • Community Shelters
  • Communication Shelters

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