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Puf Panels

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What is Puf panel?

One of the most often utilized sandwich panels in prefabricated construction technologies is PUF, or polyurethane foam. It comprises of two structural sheets made of pre-painted galvanized iron or a similar material that act as an insulating layer surrounding a polyurethane form core.

Where are PUF panels used?

In the food processing industry, cold storage, living shelters, prefabricated shelters, porta cabins, ripening chambers, clean rooms, control rooms, health center’s, wall cladding, high altitude accommodation shelters, and many more uses, PUF panels are employed.

Why PUF panels are used?

Insulated panels made of PUF, or polyurethane foam, are completely environmentally benign and resistant to corrosion and other kinds of physical stress. The PUF panels are affordable, simple to maintain, and prevent corrosion in machinery so that it can last a long period. The PUF panels are top-notch goods.

What is life of PUF panel?

PUF panels are extremely strong and last a lifetime. As a result, it is both anticorrosive and able to survive adverse weather conditions.

What is puff panel thickness?

panel thickness are available in thickness of 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 & 100mm.

What is puf material?

One of the main ingredients in the pre-insulated pipe supports made by Piping Technology & Products is polyurethane foam. Because it can be customized to satisfy specific load requirements for a variety of applications, polyurethane differs from the majority of plastic materials.