Puff Panels

Get High-Quality PUF Panel Direct From Manufacturers

PUF Panels are an abbreviation of Polyurethane Froth which is a layer of material sandwiched between 2 GI metal sheets. Supersun is outfitted with its own assembling unit for PUF sandwich Panels. These Panels track down application in both wall and material.

 The frothing material guarantees appropriate protection from heat as well as cold, keeping up with the room temperature inside. Our professionals are prepared in creating these designs with quality norms set by our association. The unrefined substances are acquired from presumed merchants. These protected sandwich boards can be coordinated utilizing joists and studs.

AT SUPERSUN Prefab We offer Panel scope of Pre-assembled Puf Panel, which are appropriate for applications, for example, Bunk houses, CA chambers, banana chambers, Clean rooms, port ca. PUF Panel are made in a modernized plant and come in pre painted excited steel sheets (PPGI) and treated steel sashes. In this, the thickness of Poly Urethane Froth (PUF) sandwiched between two sashes is 40 + 2 Kg/M3.These protected Panel offer durable worth with controlled quality, exactness and speed of development.

Best-in-class PUF panel features (ISO Certified)

  1. Worked on warm and acoustic protection
  2. Energy investment funds for colossal financial advantages
  3. Presented in unending layered prerequisites
  4. Lifetime strength and high burden bearing limit
  5. Chief water and fume obstruction
  6. Adaptable plan choices
  7. Simple establishment and low support necessities
  8. Prepared to utilize and stylishly lovely PUF sheet material
  9. Prevalently utilized as Primary Protection Board (Taste) wiping out the need of stone work
  10. Lifetime weatherproof assurance
  11. Incomparable fire impediment with self smothering property
  12. Polyurethane froth protection boards are 100 percent climate cordial
  13. Impervious to consumption, termites, actual effect and growth make the most pursued

The perfect Material for multiple industries

  1. Food processing industry
  2. Cold storages
  3. Clean Rooms
  4. Telecom Shelters
  5. Fruit & vegetable storage
  6. Milk & dairy industry
  7. Floriculture industry
  8. Prefab buildings
  9. Warehouses
  10. Ripening chambers
  11. Seafood industry
  12. Meat & poultry industry
  13. Pharmaceutical storage

Benefits from Supersun Prefab

The life, execution and wellbeing of a design depend on the Panel that goes into its making. The pre-assembled PUF Panel created by Supersun Prefab deal superior execution as well as low power consumption. Having a group of master underlying fashioners, planners as well as Sketcher, each thing made shows the association’s ethos of top quality, accuracy and furthermore proficiency.

Our items go through broad screening before Rollout. These tests are executed in light of most elevated conceivable industry norms at our state of the art creation office.

These tests are completed as per the most recent industry standards at our cutting edge producing office.


  • Experience of more than 15 years and enjoy trust from a portion of the best business practice.
  • Complete turnkey arrangements from supply to installation in one house
  • Quality guaranteed at our autonomous manufacturing unit, state of an art manufacturing facility
  • 100% Assurance of quality product each time of delivery, 
  • Opportune finishing and conveyance of each and every venture

  • Proficient and Qualified staff to handle any situation, any time

  • 24/7 Support Services Available


What is puf panel?

A Polyurethane Froth Board or PUF protected board is an underlying wrap which has a protecting material that is exceptionally erosion safe and flame resistant. These boards are intended to be extremely low in warm conductivity and these acts as ideal warm protections in structures and assist with holding indoor temperatures for longer periods.

Supersun is the best sandwich PUF board organization in India and guarantees more prominent energy and cost reserve funds from its items. The items are thoroughly tried and examined in the wake of being created from excellent controlled cycles to guarantee max operation and wellbeing benefits.