Rockwool Panel

Get High-Quality Rockwool Panel Direct From Manufacturers

The USP Rockwool protection Panels is fire security properties that it brings to the table. Supersun Prefab Rockwool Panels include center rockwool layer protection sandwiched between two pre painted electrifies steel or Galvalume steel sheet on one or the other side.

These Rockwool acoustic wall Panels give a lovely indoor encounter while decreasing power costs simultaneously. Rockwool is best utilized for fire insurance. It can fill most wall cavities in homegrown homes, leaving practically no voids.

The principal protecting layer of a rockwool Panels is the stone fleece material itself, which is otherwise called mineral woolen.

This mineral fleece or rockwool is stuck between the two GI sheets, making a solid design. Rockwool Panels weigh more than polyurethane Panels. Thusly, it requests far more noteworthy consideration.

Rockwool Panel Features

  1. Rockwool centers offer non-instability and remarkable acoustics in any construction
  2. Rock fleece sandwich boards can be introduced evenly and in an upward direction as need might arise.
  3. They are remarkably simple to introduce and destroy.
  4. Simple get together with basic lifting hardware without the need of framework is conceivable.
  5. They are liberated from warm connecting as an advantage of high warm protection.
  6. Extensive variety of surface plan and variety wraps up for walls and rooftops.

Rockwool Panel Industry

Supersun Prefab producers the right sort of acoustic froth boards to do the trick fluctuating development, modern and business applications all over the planet. Utilizing inventive innovation, we offer an extensive scope of present day and dependable protection materials for the accompanying applications:

  1. Control rooms
  2. Turbine-Generator Buildings
  3. Power project buildings
  4. Drivers and ovens insulation
  5. Compressor rooms
  6. Acoustic rooms
  7. HVAC ducting
  8. Fire safety applications

Profit from Supersun Prefab

Best fire rated panels: Our Rockwool protection panels are ensured for non-instability as they never cause or spread a fire. The Rockwool boards go about as fire security layers and are most popular for this quality.

Further developed protection: Rockwool sandwich boards give a magnificent and viable insurance against intensity and cold.

Its protection properties are because of normal air ensnared inside and it accordingly doesn’t discharge unpalatable gases or blowing specialists like HCFC, Pentane and CO2.

Preeminent acoustic properties: Rockwool acoustic froth panels have a characteristic open cell structure making them ideal for retaining, containing and controlling commotion.

Higher supportability: Being practical and strong, sound confirmation walls offer lifetime protection benefits. They require exceptionally low upkeep and are climate cordial, in this manner contributing towards green development.