Supersun, the best modular clean room manufacturers offer clean rooms construction with PUF / EPS insulated panels and caters to wide industry segments like pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, automobiles, food, nutraceutical and food ingredients, paint or coating booth, and R&D.

We offer the clean room solutions from inception for enclosures and interface with the HVACs, electrical, and civil vendors at the design stage itself. Our clean room enclosures are fully compatible for the approval from leading regulatory bodies like USFDA, EUGMP and WHO.

Best-in-class prefab clean room features

  • Custom built and pre-engineered construction with PUF / EPS wall and ceiling panel construction
  • Walk-on and non walk-on ceiling panels
  • View Glasses – Fully fixed and flushed with the walls and double glazed
  • Return air riser boxes on the wall panels to treat higher volumes of air
  • Clean room compatible doors with kick plate and drop seal at bottom of the leaves
  • PVC / Aluminum coving
  • The offered prefabricated clean room is completely protected against heat
  • It has good acoustic properties.
  • Its height and inner area can be increased if required
  • Easy to transport


Prefabricated clean room manufacturing technology
For use in highly sterile and safe applications, it is imperative that the prefabricated clean rooms satisfy industry norms and are optimum for scientific research and food ingredient testing. The clean room pharmaceutical manufacturing by we delivers enclosed spaces with very low pollutant levels. The controlled levels of contamination and negligible percentage of dust particles, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors is achieved with the precise design and choice of raw material that facilitate AC unit installation.

Modular clean rooms serve the following applications
Thermal efficiency, lifetime durability and fire resistance are characteristic features of sandwich PUF panels manufactured. A wide range of applications across multiple industrial and commercial platforms has empowered organizations to lead their respective sectors.

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