The high-quality PUF panel is taken into account amongst the foremost supposed and reliable styles of building materials. It not simply provides complete protection however conjointly prevents the everyday hassles of maintenance. they’re robust enough to last for many years. Also, they’re pretty versatile and might simply stand the significant winds which regularly blow throughout the stormy seasons and on the times of the monsoon. Hence, people who install PUF slabs acknowledge the actual fact that they get to avoid wasting on their repair bills. Speaking of styles, the great factor is that these panels are available associate degree array of styles, starting from the foremost sensible shades to the additional sober colours. Even in terms of shapes, there has been some laudable innovation that has crept into the business. They conjointly are available numerous thicknesses. Hence, counting on the utilization and demand, an individual or a corporation is unengaged to invest in an exceedingly panel of most popular thickness. the final basketball shot this regard are going to be to elect a thicker panel if it’s being placed at a larger height. The wind speed is bigger at higher altitudes. So, a skinny and really lightweight panel might not be the simplest one to position at, say, the roof or the terrace of a building. PUF panels also are noted for his or her low thermal conduction. attributable to this feature, they assist to avoid wasting a great deal of energy. Internationally designed and accepted PUF slabs may be terribly satisfying while not being high-ticket.

What is the use of PUF panel?

Puf panels square measure used for numerous applications like Food process trade, Cold storage, Living Shelters, prefab shelters, opening cabins, ripening chambers, clean rooms, management rooms, health centres, wall facing, High altitude accommodation shelters and plenty of additional.

What is PUF material?

Polyurethane foam is one amongst the main parts of pre-insulated pipe supports factory-made at Piping Technology & product. polymer is completely different from most moldable materials therein it are often tailored to satisfy varied load needs of variable applications.

what is life of PUF panel?

Puf Panel Roofing System therefore this is often minimum maintenance and life is over twenty five years, however alternative amphibole , Frp and alternative PVC sheets will need re-roofing each seven to ten years, In weather condition, the ultraviolet (UV) rays are going to be weakening the PVC, Frp and mineral roof sheets.